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Ala Mkrtchyan: “For me, the Homeland is my life”

This time “Hayern Aysor”’s correspondent sat down for an interview with the talented 7-year old Ala Mkrtchyan, whose family hosted two Armenian girls from the Russian Federation as part of the “Ari Tun” Program.

“Hayern Aysor”: Dear Ala, what have you learned from your grandmother Alvard Mkrtchyan, who is a freedom fighter and a nurse?

Ala Mkrtchyan: I have learned so much from my grandmother! I have learned to be patriotic, to speak Armenian beautifully and to be sincere and educated…I’m very grateful to my heroic grandmother. She is my best teacher, and I would like to be with her always, wherever she may be.

“Hayern Aysor”: What is your greatest desire for Armenia? What should the Armenia of your dreams be like?

A. M.: First, I want to see peace in my Armenia and to have brave soldiers. I love Armenia and want my Homeland to be the strongest and the most beautiful country in the world.

“Hayern Aysor”: Your grandmother told me that you study well and that you have a beautiful literature notebook in which you write the lines of your favorite poems and even your own poems. Who is your favorite Armenian writer? Which is your favorite poem in Armenian?

A. M.: I love Hovhannes Tumanyan. He was a great writer and was a very kind and patriotic person. I also love Hamo Sahyan’s poems.

“Hayern Aysor”: Dear Ala, what do you think your peers and classmates lack?

A. M.: They lack the feeling of patriotism the most.

“Hayern Aysor”: Do your friends listen carefully when you talk about patriotism, or are they indifferent?

A. M.: They listen very carefully because they know that my grandparents were near the border during the Karabakh war and that they fought and helped the soldiers.

“Hayern Aysor”: Which is your favorite subject in school?

A. M.: I love Armenian language and math, but I love painting the most.

“Hayern Aysor”: What do you paint?

A. M.: I paint pictures of the Homeland, the sun and a family. I love families. I dream of the day when I will open my personal exhibition.

“Hayern Aysor”: The New Year is around the corner. What do you want to change in your life and around you?

A. M.: I want the Armenian people to be happy. As for me, I want only the best. I want to become a good person for my family and our country. True, I’m still a little girl, but I want to help people.

“Hayern Aysor”: How would you like to help people?

A. M.: I watch television programs and see families where there are children and adults in very poor conditions. I want to become a person who can donate food, heaters, fuel, toys and books to them. I want them to live the good life and not be hungry. I want all children to have a family and have a place to call home.

“Hayern Aysor”: Do you believe in Santa Claus? What gift would you like him to bring you?

A. M.: I believe in Santa Claus and would like him to bring me beautiful clothes and warm shoes for the winter.

“Hayern Aysor”: Is winter your most favorite season of the year?

A. M.: I love spring the most when the trees blossom and when one can see green everywhere…I was born in springtime. I love writing and painting in the spring.

“Hayern Aysor”: Have your teachers and friends read your poems?

A. M.: I’ve read my poems for my teacher, and she advised me to keep writing.

“Hayern Aysor”: What do you know about Diaspora Armenian children?

A. M.: I know that they live in different parts of the world and participate in the “Ari Tun” Program organized by the RA Ministry of Diaspora. This past summer my family hosted two of the participants, Galya and Sveta from Russia. They were my elder sister, Marinka’s age, but I also befriended them and taught words in Armenian. I would like to see them at our house again this year because they were great girls. We were very sad when they left.

“Hayern Aysor” :Little Ala, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A. M.: First, I would like to help my Homeland. I love singing and acting. I would like to become a singer, or a painter, or an actress. I always sing whenever I paint pictures of clouds, trees, the Homeland and the sun.

“Hayern Aysor”: What does the Homeland mean to you?

A. M.: For me, the Homeland is the air I breath and the water that I drink. For me, the Homeland is my life.

“Hayern Aysor”: Thank you, Ala! May the dreams in your little heart come true in 2015!

Karine Avagyan