«ARI TUN» program was successfully launched in 2009.

The main objectives of the program are: to introduce Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenian history, culture, public life, religion and family traditions; build strong relations with the Homeland; reinforce national identity and establish kin relations between youth of Armenia and the Diaspora.

The event program includes visits to major historical-cultural sites in Armenia, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, plays, as well as instruction of Armenian language, literature, dance, history and church traditions. The important component of the program is active contacts between youth of Armenia and the Diaspora, as well as meetings with prominent state and public figures.

Who can apply? Ages 13 to 17 Diaspora Armenian youth.

The participants will cover the following expenses: travel expenses from country of residence to Armenia and back.

The Ministry of Diaspora will provide:

  • free need-based entrance visas to Armenia
  • transportation (greeting, move to host families, tours, departure)
  • food (breakfast and dinner with the host family; dinner as part of the program)
  • clothes with the program’s logo (shirt, hat, backpack)
  • free entrance to museums and other cultural institutions within the framework of the program.